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Shattered Secrets Chapter 10 is now done, Chapter 11 being wirtten want to get them on a roll! =D
Work is comming along on Shattered Secrets Chapter 9: Aftermath, keep your ears on people!
:star: :star: News :star: :star:

So I figured I really should do an offical synopsis of these Jak and Daxter storys im writing so here it is:

:star: Overview: All the story`s I have written/are writing fall under an umbrella of "Tales of the Damned" a continuality set inside the universe of "Jak and Daxter" which if you are not familer is a playstation 2 era adventure platformer created by Naughty Dog and Sony.

:star: Projects covered:

-Tales of the Damned: Operation Seizure
-Shattered Secrets

:star: Characters and setting:

Tales of the damned tells the story of many fan-created charicters not from the games, mainly the Winter family in a timeline that takes place from Jak2 leading to post JakX, the main charicters of the series dont really play a part as to not step on offical canon.

The plot goes into many elements of the Jakverse, things such as the Barons rule, military organisations, gangs in Kras city, the Dark worrier program is touched upon, the creation of Robotic forces and Precursors and Darkmakers.

Each charicter brings a new element of the series with them from combat racing to Precursor ansestory. Also due to the nature of Haven and Kras city, most have been though some kind of trauma which affects them in different ways. But the story also aims to give hope even in the most dire of situations.

Thats it, thanks for reading and I hope this will encourrage more people to have a read of my projects here in the Jak fandom.

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Star! Star! News Star! Star!

The NEW story of Dark drifters/ Shattered secrets is now underway, a continuation of "Dark Drifters" and the start of a new story combined into one. The new story is called "Shattered Secrets" which is also the name of the big Jak and Daxter story I started waaaay back in 2005.

You can find the story so far here:
- Chapter 1:…
- Chapter 2:…
-Chapter 3:…
-Chapter 4:…
-Chapter 5:…
-Chapter 6:…
-Chapter 7:…
-Chapter 8:…
-Chapter 9: (NEW)…

The chapters of Aeryn and Xilon`s story the "prequel" to Shattered Secrets can be found here:

- Chapter 1:…
- Chapter 2:…
- Chapter 3:…
- Chapter 4:…
- Chapter 5:…
- Chapter 6:…
- Chapter 7:…
- Chapter 8:…
- Chapter 9:…
- Chapter 10:…
- Chapter 11:…
- Chapter 12:…
- Chapter 13:…

ALSO, the short story "Tales of the Damned: Operation Seizure" Which acts as a part prolouge to Shattered Secrets can be found here:

-Part 1:…
-Part 2:…
-Part 3:…

Radiant Glow by DarkRavenofChaos


Headbang! Do do list: Headbang!

Star! Distant Howl FINAL EDITION 
Star! Jak and Daxter: Shattered Secrets Reboot

Hopefully MOAR Distant Howl and JAK reboot soon =3
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Jay Winter
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